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Teaching Online

Resources for teaching from home
Teacher with Tablet

The shift to online learning is not only jarring for students, but for educators as well. Many educators have had to completely change their learning plans in a very short amount of time, and are making the best of the situation. 

But going to such a widespread online platform has many challenges, so we've compiled some learning resources to help educators during these unprecedented times. A recent LDA survey checked in with parents of students with learning disabilities to see what resources they need most, and based off of those results LDA has created a list of tips for educators

Allegheny Immediate Unit Training Resources


The Allegheny Immediate Unit has collected a list of resources designed to help educators during Covid-19. There are videos and PowerPoints on topics such as assistive technology, life skills trainings, behavioral support resources, and more. There are also more general teaching resources for students of all ages. 

Edutopia Special Education Strategies


Right now can be a particularly challenging time to decide how to incorporate IEPs and accessible resources for the students that need them. Edutopia has an article with strategies for accessibility, and offers some advice on what to expect during this time. 

LDA Educator Resources

LDA has a page designated for educators, which includes resources on the different types of learning disabilities, resources for teaching those with learning disabilities, and more. 

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