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Resources for Parents

A Boy and His Tablet Device

We've compiled a list of apps that can help with learning at home 

Homework Help

Read the Department of Education's statement on continuing IEP and FAPE, and learn some strategies for tracking your child's progress at home 

online learning.jpg

Tips on how to create a schedule that is conducive to learning  

Family Moments

Resources for making the best of the situation 

Quality Time

Resources for monitoring your child's mental health

The switch to remote learning has been a challenge for many, though it is especially difficult for students with learning disabilities, and many parents are worried about what this means for their children. 


The results from an LDA parent survey found that right now that some of the main needs of parents are resources to support at home learning and online resources to reduce their child's anxiety. To fill this need, LDA has compiled resources to give you and your child the tools you need to succeed.  

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