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Mental Health Resources for Students

Some resources for staying mentally healthy during this time
Studying Together

Although these unprecedented times may be cause for stress, it's important to remember that you're not alone. 

Stressful situations like our current one can cause mental illness to flare up, but there are a number of ways that people across the globe are staying mentally healthy. 


LDA has compiled a list of support resources and articles on how to manage your mental health during online schooling and social distancing. 


Coping with Covid-19 Related Stress as a Student

The American Psychological Association has created a guide for students during this time, which includes prioritizing self care, scheduling virtual social gatherings, and focusing on what's within in your control.  

Yale Health: Managing Stress


Yale Health has a list of tips for managing stress and anxiety, which includes keeping up your daily routines, staying active, and limiting news intake. 


University of Pittsburgh Resources List

The University of Pittsburgh has created an extensive list of reliable resources that include topics like learning from home, mental emotional wellness, community resources, hotlines, and more. 

CDC Resources List

The CDC has created a list of resources for coping with stress from Covid-19. Some of their tips include stretching or meditating, eating healthy, and making time to relax to do something you enjoy. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness Guide


The National Alliance on Mental Illness has created a Covid-19 Resource and Information Guide that includes advice on how to manage loneliness and other mental health issues while at home. 

Guided Meditation Apps


Meditation can be a good way to handle stress and anxiety. There are free apps that can teach you how to meditate, and we've compiled a list of some to get you started. 

Stop, Breathe & Think is a guided meditation app that teaches you the importance of mindfulness. When you open the app you're prompted to reflect on how you're feeling that day, and you can choose specific meditations for different emotions. 

Headspace is an app that includes guided meditations for relieving stress, sleeping, and exercising. 

The Mindfulness App gives you personalized meditations that can be any length, and the app can send you reminders throughout the day to practice being mindful. 

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