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Monitoring Mental Health

A guide on how to monitor your child's well-being
Quality Time

Right now is a difficult time for everyone, and along with staying safe and healthy, it's also important to be aware of mental health. 

A stressful time like this may trigger mental health issues, and LDA has put together a guide on how to spot irregular behavior in your child, and where you can go for resources. 


The University of Pittsburgh has created a collection of reliable resources that cover mental and emotional wellness for all ages. The site also has numerous other guides on general health, connecting with community, and more.  

The CDC has also compiled guides on similar topics, including taking care of your mental health, how to support your children and loved ones, and what behavior changes you may want to look for in your child. 

The Child Mind Institute has coping resources for both parents and children during Covid-19, and you can also sign up to receive daily tips from the website. 

There is also a list of different apps that can be good for getting younger children to relax, and a guide to meditation apps for older children and adults. 

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