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High School Resources

Learning resources for high schoolers learning from home
Working with Laptop

The transition to online learning can be a difficult one. In addition to missing out on face time with teachers, course information is now being presented in a different format, which can be an extra challenge. 

If you're a high school student who has switched to online learning, there are resources to help the transition go smoothly. 

Accessible Apps


For students with learning disabilities, a new format of learning can be daunting. Whether you're looking for some extra support in math or reading comprehension, there is a list of accessible apps and tools that can help. 

Khan Academy


There are a number of resources within Khan Academy that are designed specifically for high school learning, and it's all free! 

If math is an area you need more practice in, Khan Academy has you covered. You can find math practice by grade level, or, if there is a specific skill set you'd like to master, you can find different courses under the math section. Learn through videos, and then test your skills with quizzes.


Khan Academy also has different courses in science, arts and humanities, economics, and computer science. There are also learning resources for Advanced Placement courses.  

Ready yourself for the SATs with an official SAT prep, which is a collaboration between Khan Academy and the College Board. In addition to full length practice exams, the prep provides tips and other learning resources, and after you take a practice quiz you get immediate results. 

If college or the work force is right around the corner, you can prepare for your future with Khan Academy's College, Careers, and More section. Here you can learn more about college admissions, find a career path, and learn more about personal finance.





Coursera is a hub for free online courses in subjects ranging from graphic design, to ancient history, to anatomy, to much more. Enroll in free courses, many of which are taught by college professors. Just type into Coursera's search bar what you would like to learn. 

Learning Ally


Learning Ally is an audio book subscription program with reading engagement activities, webinars, and a community. Designed for those with dyslexia or students who struggle with reading, you can access books you need for school, textbooks, and books you want to read. 

Online Learning Opportunities

Just because school is online doesn't mean that you need to miss out on field trips. LDA has created a list of museums and organizations giving virtual tours so you can travel around the world from your living room. 

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