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Elementary and Middle School Resources

Learning resources for elementary and middle schoolers learning from home
Ready for School

Accessible Apps


The switch to online learning can be intimidating for elementary and middle schoolers who are used to a set routine, and a new format of learning can be especially challenging for students with learning disabilities. 

Whether your student needs extra support in math or reading comprehension, there is a list of accessible apps and tools that can help. 

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a great, free, educational resource for K-12 students. There are lessons in math, science, arts and humanities, and more. Each course includes video instruction and quizzes for students to test their knowledge. 

There's also a Khan Kids section that helps kids ages 2-7 with math, reading, and social emotional learning. 

Learning Ally

Learning Ally is an audio book subscription specifically designed for those with dyslexia or those who struggle with reading. There are textbooks, and a library that contains books students need to read for school, or ones they want to read. 

There are also activities for reading engagement, a community where you can receive advice from professionals and other parents, and downloadable webinars. 

Learning Opportunities


There are many online resources helping students to learn right now. Find local resources from the Carnegie Science Center or the National Aviary, or find a list of museums to take a virtual tour of. 

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