Creating Accessible Classrooms

Tips and resources to make remote learning accessible to everyone
Design Student

Transitioning to online learning is hard enough for students and educators, let alone students with learning disabilities. Although creating different accommodations can be challenging during remote learning, it's a challenge that can be met. The LDA has created resources to help you and your students thrive, including resources to help make online classes accessible for all learners. 

During this time, many parents of students with learning disabilities are looking for guidance from teachers. The LDA issued a parent survey about which resources they needed most, and based off of that survey they created a fact sheet with tips for educators. 

LDA Accessible Technology

LDA has created numerous resources full of different accessible apps and tools that are perfect for online learning. There is a list of accessible apps, articles on technology, and general teaching resources for those educating students with learning disabilities. 

PaTTAn Best Practices


The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network has compiled a list of resources for the best practices for working remotely with students with learning disabilities. There are various sources on topics like virtually monitoring progress, and lists of accessible technology resources.  

Edutopia's Lessons for Learning Differences


This ​Edutopia article on creating lessons for learning differences has numerous recommendations for how educators can create digital lessons, and shows educators how to design lessons with accessibility in mind.